What is a Pre-Wedding shoot / Engagement shoot

Hi everyone,

As some of you may or may not be aware I offer a complementary Pre-wedding/Engagement shoot. What is that I hear some of you ask.

A Pre-wedding/Engagement shoot is simply a portrait session that lasts for 2 hours that we do a few months before your wedding day. We go to a couple of locations and basically have some fun and take some pics.

But what is the point and why should you have one? I use it to get to know the couple a bit better and work out what makes them relax in front of the camera.

What is in it for the couple? I think that the couple get so much from it. How many people hate having there picture taken? Nearly everyone I know. Most people hate having their picture taken as they think they are totally not photogenic. The thought of having their picture taken makes them cringe and normally the cringe is seen in the pictures. And OMG they know that they will have to have the picture taken on their wedding day. Now stick a point and shoot camera in their face and they are in hell. Well I will be the devil himself when I stick a Pro camera and a giant lens in their face. Scared yet? Well you should be? It can be really daunting and on your wedding day you will have enough to be worrying about and do not need the added worry that your pictures will be rubbish because your not photogenic. That is where the Pre-wedding/Engagement shoot is so important. All the nerves of being in front of the camera will all be used up on this shoot. It is quite amusing to look through the images when I’m editing them. You see the stiffness/awkwardness leaving the images about 45minutes into the shoot and the couples starting to relax and enjoying themselves. Better to be uncomfortably on this shoot than your wedding day isn’t it. You will get used to my style of photography. And when you see the images you will be reassured that you have made the correct decision about me as your wedding photographer and I promise this shoot will eliminate any worry about your wedding photography, you will know that you will get amazing images from your once in a lifetime day. That is why I think the Pre-wedding/Engagement shoot is so important. Hence why I do not charge for it.

And you get to have some amazing pictures too.

Here is some images from Tamara & Joe’s recent shoot (check out the shoes). Their wedding is in August and it if these images are anything to go by their wedding images will be amazing.

_MG_9686 _MG_1784 _MG_1826 _MG_1837 _MG_1846 _MG_1856 _MG_1871 _MG_1874 _MG_1884 _MG_1894 _MG_1898


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