Well, you’re getting married? Now the fun begins! So many things to do? I bet you didn’t realise how much is involved with a wedding? Don’t be scared, relax and enjoy this. You’re getting married due to love and love comes from fun. So let’s make this fun shall we?

Firstly, contrary to what people tell you, there is no rulebook to weddings. It is impossible to do a wedding incorrectly. This is your day and you can have it anyway you like. In fact, I encourage you to put your own personal stamp all over your wedding.

Your day, your way.

Will booking me make your day better? Damn right it will. Why? Cliché alert: “I love weddings” and “I love funky photography”. I am not your average, run of the mill wedding photographer. I treat each wedding as unique as each couple. I try and capture your essence in the images I take, and ensure I capture all the things that make your day unique. All this combined equals one hell of an experience for you, and guaranteed amazing images. if my style and approach is what your are looking for of course, I am not a traditional wedding photographer (to read about my style and approach, please visit my about me page)

“I am Aaron Tommasi and I take Picture”!

I am based in Rochester in Kent, but cover the whole of the UK and Internationally

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