The Ultimate DIY Airbase, Oxford Wedding: Lizzy & Phil

I am delighted to share with you my latest blog, “The Ultimate DIY Airbase Wedding, Oxford: Lizzy & Phil”

Lizzy & Phil got married in June on an airbase in Oxford. This wedding, quite literally, had everything.

I count myself very fortunate to have shot this wedding. Normally I like to get to know the couples beforehand, but on this occasion I didn’t need to. I have known Lizzy since I met my wife Rae, as they are close friends. Lizzy is part of our family and is godmother to our son Eli. We were ecstatic when we found out that Phil had proposed to Lizzy! The date was booked out in my diary for a long time as this was a wedding I was not going to miss, and that was when I was only attending as a guest.

However, five months before the wedding Lizzy contacted me and asked if I would shoot their wedding. It was a very simple decision as I love these guys and knew I could give them something special. But Lizzy insisted on it being done properly (i.e. no favours to them). They said that they could have practically the entire wedding done by friends (as we are all a talented bunch!) but they wanted everyone to enjoy themselves on the day, and didn’t want the awkwardness of hiring friends and them not possibly delivering what they wanted.

But after checking out hundreds of photographers, Lizzy said to Phil that it just had to be me. So to say I was honoured is an understatement (I’m just grateful they didn’t make me jump out of a plane, which really could have been the case!)

Right, on to the wedding. When I said everything I meant EVERYTHING:

  • It was set on an old RAF Airfield.
  • The ceremony was outside with hay bales as chairs, the groom arrived in the Only Fools & Horses Car when everyone expected a supercar.
  • All the bridesmaid arrived in supercars!
  • Food vans (Mexican, Fish & Chips, Mediterranean, Crepes, Pizza & Hog Roast) everywhere.
  • A children’s crèche area with bouncy castle etc.
  • Bavarian brass band.
  • Singing waiters.
  • Nuclear bunkers.
  • Aircraft hangers.
  • Live band, Dukes of Havoc.
  • A special appearance and performance by the musician Reeps One.
  • Fireworks.
  • .. and so much more!

Lizzy said that Phil organised most of it and he really did an amazing job. In fact I would call it the ultimate D.I.Y wedding!

Phil is happy as his new father-in-law “the legend that is Colin” owns a pub. So everyone was winner on this day!

Finally, my hat goes off to the wonderful Wedding Planner, Becky from I Adore Weddings. I cannot recommend this lady enough.

A lovely example of a DIY wedding, I hope you will agree?


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