Hello Rock N Roll Bride reader, do I have a special offer for you…

You are on this special secret page, as you have clicked through from Rock n Roll Bride.

Now, as you know, I am a massive fan of Kat; she embodies my beliefs in weddings ~ i.e. it is your day and you should do it exactly as you please, in the way you wish. Be it in a traditional manner, or, more than likely if you are a fan of Kat, in an alternative way.

There is nothing I love more than a wedding that encompasses the bride and groom’s personality. Hence the reason I advertise with Kat. So I’d like to make you an offer. I will always shoot weddings in the style that the bride and groom want. I get enough “trad” weddings as Kat likes to put it. But I’d love nothing more than to shoot more alternative weddings.

So, if you are having a wedding with a difference or you just want something different for your wedding pics, just get in touch and say that “Kat sent me”, and I will knock £200 off of my prices for you.

I understand that it’s not only about price. But a combination of my personality, my images and price. Hopefully the price is right now? So read on for a little bit more about me.

My story

I originally picked up a camera after an accident affected my mobility for a number of years. The camera was a way of healing myself and looking at the world through a positive set of eyes. Fashion and Music photography were my first loves. Though I decided to become a wedding photographer after struggling to find a photographer that matched my own standards, requirements and an approachable personality for my own wedding.

This led me on another journey of discovery, learning from the top wedding photographers in the UK to enable me to provide the service and the images that I longed for on my wedding day. This last journey made me fall in love with the artistry of wedding photography and helped me realise that the restraints and stigma of wedding photography are of our own making, and we can be imaginative and stretch the boundaries as much as we like or dare.

I use my experience in fashion and music, and my general love of photography, to give my images a characteristic edge. Coupled with my desire to offer the highest standard of customer service, I am able to offer a unique service guaranteed to surpass your expectations. This is why I only use the best album and print suppliers.

Aaron Tommasi Photography is not another wedding photography business but a brand where excellence is guaranteed.

My style

I shoot images for my clients, not for peer or establishment recognition. I am not interested in awards or letters after my name. I am interested in providing you with the best possible images and service. I understand that it is your day and that I am employed to capture your wedding in my own unique style. I use several different photography styles to ensure that the images stand out.

I am often asked what my style of photography is ~ this is the question I hate the most. Am I traditional or reportage etc etc? I do not put myself into any particular bracket, as this would only put limitations on how I photograph your wedding. However, I do try and document the day in photographs and take beautiful pictures of you in a semi posed way. I normally ask to spend between 45 minutes and 1 hour with the couple after the ceremony to do some semi posed relaxed portraits.

So I do a mixture of all styles with my own unique twist. Some would call that contemporary and I would probably agree. So the answer to the question is: my style is contemporary as it allows me to do anything and everything (apart from cheesy!).


About me

I am a father to Eli and husband to Rae. I can’t dance, nor can I sing, sadly. But I can take a mean photo. I photograph Weddings, People & Products.

I can be funky or I can be classical. I don’t do cheesy wedding photography, I hate spot colour. (Sorry I do). I do love colour though. I will always give you more than you can imagine.

Basically I love my job, I love my family and I love my life. You will love your photographs.

Want to find out about booking me? Just contact me. I’m not scary and will always be kind to every enquiry. No matter how strange or bizarre. I am bit strange though…hopefully in a good way? But that is for you to decide.

I hope you like my website and my work.

I am Aaron Tommasi Photography and I take pictures!