What a lovely thing for a client to say. See wouldn’t you want me as your wedding photographer

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I had to share this with you. This couple got married a few months ago and posted this comment about me on thier own website.

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For those of you that won’t click on the link, I have taken the liberty of pasting their words below:

“Aaron Tommasi is laid back, hilariously funny at times, invisible at others, and takes beautiful wedding photography.

We met Aaron at a wedding show at the Excel Centre in January 2014. He was the first photographer of many that we met that day, but stood out both for the quality of his pictures and for his photographic philosophy. After several weary hours doing the rounds of the show, we went back to his stall. Not only did he recognise us, but expressed sincere sympathy at the number of hours we’d been there since we first met him that morning.

Nicola was sold by the comment on his business card “I’m not scary!” Organising a wedding can be daunting and overwhelming, and this friendly humorous touch really showed how good he is at making everyone around him feel at ease – just what is needed to charm the guests, not to mention calming a stressed bridegroom on the day :-)

After the show, he visited us for a consultation and this only confirmed that we’d made the right decision. True to form, on the day he did a great job making us feel at ease with the more formal shots, as well as taking lots of informal ones in the background.

Aaron also provided us with a hilarious ‘photo booth’, consisting of an array of ridiculous props (sombrero, blow-up alligator anyone?) and in dedication to the cause ended up blowing up manually quite a few large inflatable items in the absence of a pump.

His attitude was very much ‘this is your day, these are your photos’ and happy to share the raw files with us so we can have some fun meddling with them ourselves as well as receiving his beautiful processed ones”.




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Aaron is a young dynamic photographer that specialises in weddings. Aaron is based in Kent, but covers all of the UK and is happy to travel to destination weddings.








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