Julie & Micks wedding King Charles hotel-Gillingham Kent

This wedding in September of this year was very very close to my heart as it was the wedding of Mick to Julie a.k.a Mum.

Earlier this year my Mum and Stepfather informed me that they were planning on marrying this year. Obviously Rachel and I were over the moon. Then the craziness started. Planning the date. May was a no no as Rachel was due with Eli their first grandchild on 13th May which is also Mick’s birthday. So Mum asked “what about June”? “Sorry mum booked”, was my reply. Mum “July”? “Sory booked”, “August”? I respond giving a glimpse of hope “I think I free the last Saturday in August”, Mum’s excited “Great I’ll…..”. I interrupt “no sorry I’m wrong booked”. Mum responds “Okay September”? Finally I say “Yeah I’ve got two Saturdays free in September”. Mum finally thinks we got somewhere “Great she says what Saturdays”? The realisation of mu uselessness “Don’t know mum I’ll check the diary and get back to you”. In the end my Mum rang me whilst she was booking the venue ” they have the 3rd or the 10th September free, which one can I get married on son”? I knew I had a booking on either the 3rd or the 10th September but for the life of me didn’t know which. In the end Rachel was called and as always saved the day and I’m free on the 3rd. Obviously I had to shoot their wedding after all the hassle I caused. Who would have a son as a wedding photographer?

Mum asked Rachel to be her maid of honor. And Mick asked me to be his best man. I as honored nervous though as I knew that being the best man and the photographer was a big enough tasks separately let along together.

Mum got ready at my adoptive Grandfathers house. Her make up was done by my amazing wife Rachel

My adopted Grandfather Brian and Mum

I’ve never seen Mick so nervous

My younger cousin is studying A Level photography, good image not sure of her subject matter though? Different to include a picture of myself in the blog

The weather was amazing and everyone had a lovely day. Rachel and I was exhausted by the finish though. But we were made up that there day was perfect


To Mum and Mick we hope you like your pictures? We love you and wish you all the happiness for the future. Thank you letting us be part of your big day. Rachel and Aaron xxxx

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2 Responses to “Julie & Micks wedding King Charles hotel-Gillingham Kent”

  1. jo morey December 6, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

    stunning pictures as always and what a lovely day, we enjoyed every min

  2. mum December 13, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

    wow thank you so much my amazing son and to your beautiful wife.
    you made our day perfect with your wonderful photot’s and we will treasue them forever.
    we had an amazing day and our eli looked a real handsome boy.
    once again so grateful.
    love you my clever son.xxxx

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