Holy Innocents Church-High Beach and Village Hall Epping Essex Wedding Photography: Ella & Steven

I am delighted to show you my latest blog “Holy Innocents Church-High Beach and Village Hall Epping Essex Wedding Photography: Ella & Steven”

Ella & Steven  got married at the Holy Innocents Church-High Beach and had their reception at the local village hall which they decorated themselves


I meet Ella & Steven last January at the London Excel Wedding show (I’m also exhibiting at this show on the 3rd & 4th October).

I loved the amount of personal touches that this wedding had. It started with the dress and progressed from there.  Full on retro with style. I loved the Brides maid dresses, Rokoko singing girls, Cadillac’s, ring holder, Personal message to the father of the bride on a printed roll leading up the aisle, retro ice cream van, a remembrance mirror , books of love, candy floss, popcorn, sparklers and the list can go on and on.

It was really easy and a pleasure to work with these guys. I love working with couples where their images are counted as a high priority on their day. It really gives me the opportunity to express myself and allows me to push the boundaries.

I used some of these images at a recent wedding show and they went down a storm, I hope you love them as much as I do?

A lovely example of Essex wedding photography I hope you will agree?


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