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  • How long have you been a photographer?
    I have been a photographer all my life, but started professionally in 2008.
  • What Style of photographer are you?
    Ah this is the question I hate the most. Am I a traditional or reportage etc etc. I do not put myself into any particular bracket as this would only put limitations of what and how I photograph your wedding. I do however try and document the day in photographs and take beautiful pictures of you in a semi posed way. I normally ask to spend between 45 minutes and 1hour with the couple after the ceremony to do some semi posed relaxed portraits. So I do a mixture of all styles with my own unique twist. Some would call that contemporary and I would probably agree. So the answer to the question my style is contemporary as it allows me to do anything and everything. Apart from cheesy!
  • How long do you stay at the wedding?
    When I say full day I normally mean from Bridal prep to first dance. Obviously some people start at 6 in the morning. I normally turn up when the hair is being done so I can capture all the excitement. I stay until the first dance. But if you have anything special planned for the evening I am more than happy to stay and shoot that at no extra charge.
  • How far do you travel?
    I travel anywhere in the UK or abroad for that matter. If it is more than a two hour drive I stay in a hotel near the venue the night before to ensure I am refreshed for your big day. All travel and accommodation prices are included in your quoted price.
  • How many photos do you take and how many can we expect to get?
    I take on average 1,600 images of the day. I edit the amount down after the event and you can expect between 400-600 images.
  • Do you retouch or enhance the images?
    I enhance ever image and add my own unique processing style to ever picture. I retouch images where I find it appropriate. I spend more time editing the images than I do actually taking them to ensure they are as unique and as special as you.
  • How long before we get to see the images?
    Your images are normally ready 4-6 weeks after your wedding. I would rather take time and offer that wow factor
  • When do we have to decide if we are going to have an album?
    I prefer for you to decide if you are going to have an album upon booking or at the latest before the wedding. This way the whole package can be incorporated into your wedding photography contract.
  • How many images can we have in the album?
    You can have as many images in your wedding album as your budget will allow. Even with the minimum amount of images the album will be amazing. My current record is 280 images in one album
  • How does the album design process work?
    This is another reason I prefer to know if you are going to have an album before the day, as I come to you and show you all the images and you decide what images will go into your album. I go away and design it and load it into a professional album proofing software call Album Exposure. Which you view on line. You can make comments and ask for alterations online as many times as you want until the album I designed is perfect for you. When it is you just approve it online and I send it for production.
  • Where can we go for our engagement shoot?
    I live in the lovely city of Rochester and offer a one hour shoot in Rochester for £150. If you wish for me to travel to a location of your choice there is a charge of £250
  • What happens with the images from the engagement shoot?
    They are available for a via a free download from my website
  • How long do you keep the files?
    I keep the files of your wedding for a period of 12months. I strongly recommend that you back the images up to yourself to different locations. Incase a storage device ever fails. I highly recommend cloud storage devices
  • Do you require a deposit to confirm the booking?
    I do require a deposit at the time of booking. The Rae, Diego & Foxy package I ask for a £500 deposit at the time of booking with the outstanding balance to be paid 2months before the wedding. For the Eli Package I require a £300 deposit at the time of booking with the outstanding balance to be paid 2months before the wedding.
  • How far in advance of the wedding should we book you?
    I do get booked quite far in advance. That is not to say I won’t be available for your date at short notice. But I would recommend that you book any photographer after you have booked your venue
  • How do we book you?
    Call me, email me or even send me a Tweet if you want. I do request that we arrange a meeting/consultation before you book me though. This is to ensure that you know exactly what to expect. If you live overseas or a great distance away and a meeting is not possible I am happy to arrange a meeting on Skype.

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