I am a father to Eli and husband to Rae. I can’t dance, nor can I sing, sadly. But I can take a mean photo. I photograph Weddings.

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I can be funky or I can be classical. I don’t do cheesy wedding photography, I hate spot colour. (Sorry I do). I do love colour though. I will always give you more than you can imagine.

I am not a budget wedding photographer and make no apologises about this, I offer a high-end product and work with couples whom place a high importance on their wedding photography, that doesn’t stop it being fun though.

I am often asked what my style is. This is always difficult to describe. I would describe it as a mixture of reportage and contemporary. By this I mean 95% of the day you are actually getting married. So a large element is capturing what is unfolding throughout the day. So I will try and capture this as best as possible. The contemporary element comes into play how I shot the couples shots and the way I process the images.

I do do formal groups shots but ask for them to be kept to a minimal. This is only as we have all been to weddings where the photographer stops the day continually to set up a formal shot and the formal group  shots take 2hours to complete, this is a traditional approach to photography and there are many traditional photographers in the industry. Obviously I will do these shots. But I would rather let the day flow and capture the actual day as opposed to staging it.  I ask for a list of shots that you want on the day and try my up most to make this happen. If you are after a photographer that is just about staging the traditional shots then I am afraid I am my photographic style is not for you. This is me only being honest as this is your big day and you need to know what you are going to get.

For any photographer that you book I highly recommend that you ask to see a example of a complete wedding so that you can judge if their style is for you. As each of us new age photographers have our own style. And that style has got to fit into what you are looking for (and sometimes what your parents are looking for).

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Basically I love my job, I love my family and I love my life. You will love your photographs.

Want to find out about booking me? Just contact me. I’m not scary and will always be kind to every enquiry. No matter how strange or bizarre. I am bit strange though…hopefully in a good way? But that is for you to decide.

I hope you like my website and my work and want that wow factor for your big day?

I am Aaron Tommasi Photography and I take pictures!

Kent based Award Winning Wedding Photographer-Aaron Tommasi covers all of the UK as well as international wedding.